2.6 million co-operatives, 1 billion members, 250 million jobs!

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2.6 million co-operatives, 1 billion members, 250 million jobs!


2.6m co-operatives, 1 billion members, 250 million jobs


“Co-operatives can’t just be different or better and hope the world sees.  We need to intentionally manage the co-operative image” these words are taken from the Foreword of ‘The communicator’s guide to co-operative identity’ and were written by Charles Gould, Director-General of the International Co-operative Alliance.  The guide was launched last month at the International Summit of Co-operatives by Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Co-operative Alliance.

In launching the guide Dame Pauline, said “There is a definite appetite from co-operatives all around the world to show that they are proud to be part of a global movement and that they want to visibly show that they support co-operation.  This new guide will cement in the minds of readers that the co-operative Marque and .coop domain are simple ways to promote co-operative identity.  Our aim is for the co-operative identity to become one of the best know ethical marques in the world by 2020”.  There are now 850 co-operatives in 84 countries using the Co-operative Marque and over 8000 .coop domains registered in 90 countries.

Co-operatives operate in every sector of society and in every country.  Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to differentiate a co-operative from other forms of business, this is why the Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade is encouraging greater visibility for the co-operative model.

Co-ops everywhere are addressing some of the world’s most challenging problems: hunger, poverty, inequality, unemployment, environmental degradation.  As genuine self-help models, co-ops are successful, world-class businesses that operate ethically at scale.  Now is the time to show your pride in being part of the solution and register for your .coop domain and the COOP Marque at www.identity.coop.

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