Launch of Co-operative Identity Toolkit

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Launch of Co-operative Identity Toolkit

Co-operatives operate in every sector of society and in every country, but it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate a co- operative from other forms of business. The Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade states that the greater visibility there is for the co-operative model that this will help make more people aware of what they are choosing when faced with the option between a product or a service from a co-operative or an investor or privately-owned business. We are hoping to achieve this greater visibility by encouraging co-ops to register and use a .coop domain for their online communication and apply for and use the global Co-operative Marque as part of their visual identity. We’d really like your help to reach out and encourage all co-ops to get on board and use the new Co-operative Identity.

Since launching the new global Co-operative Marque in November last year 700 co-ops in 72 countries have successfully registered to use the COOP Marque, in addition there are over 6000 .coop registrations in 74 countries. We have now launched a Toolkit to promote Co-operative Identity to help achieve our aim of the Co-operative Identity becoming one of the best known ethical marques in the world by 2020 with users in 100 countries.

The Toolkit has been prepared with downloadable elements to encourage more organisations to complete their Co-operative Identity and includes a poster, video tutorials, editorial, buttons for websites and newsletters and a multi-lingual banner – all designed for use in your own communications.

The Toolkit can be found here: toolkit

The Co-operative Marque Guidelines are available in English, French and Spanish and can be downloaded here. To use the Marque EVERY organisation has to apply at you can see the full list of successful applicants here.

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